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To provide consultancy for preparing of all sorts of corporate law and any other services as the company may think fit and proper. Insurance policies provide protection to your life and based on the differences in policies it also gives you the opportunity to save money as well.

Automobile Insurance

With this product, the insured is offered indemnity against the probable damage to or loss of their vehicles, resultant liability to third parties or passengers

Property Insurance

Save up to 10% when you insure your property and autos with our company.

Health Insurance

Stay protected from 10 critical illnesses for 10 years with life insurance.

Life & Pensions

Life policy compensates the estate the sum assured in case of death of the insured. The policy will ensure financial continuity of the estate in…


Agriculture is a huge undertaking and some of its greatest assets include livestock, crops and machinery, all of which our insurance packages cover

Fire and Allied Peril

The policy provides indemnity against loss of or damage to the property described, caused by fire, lighting, explosion and......

Home Insurance

The Sunstar home insurance cover is designed to cover the house, contents domestic employees as well as protects the owner against legal costs arising from…

Business Insurance

Sunstar Insurance boasts a wide range of insurance covers specifically designed to cater for your business.